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5 reasons for dry hair

The #1 complaint we have in the salons currently is “why does my hair feel so dry?”. If you’re currently feeling the same way, here are a few reasons why you could be feeling this way yourself, and how to fix it!

1. You’re washing your hair too often.

Washing your hair too frequently cause be a major cause of dryness. When you shampoo, you’re washing away the protective and nourishing oils. For dry hair, washing every 2 to 3 days is completely normal.

2. You’re using too hot of water.

Hot showers on a cold winter day feels amazing but is extremely drying to your hair and skin. Try switching to lukewarm showers to prevent over drying, and if possible, rinse with cold water. Rinsing with colder water can help smooth out the cuticle and ads shine back to the hair.

3. You’re neglecting the ends of your hair.

If your hair is feeling dry and has visible split ends, you’re probably not using enough conditioning products. Hair oils should be used on all hair types, mostly on the ends. You should also start doing weekly deep conditioning treatments, especially if you have dry hair year-round.

4. You don’t have the correct hair products.

Many people assume products for damaged hair work well for dry hair, FALSE! Dry hair needs help with natural oils whereas damaged hair is usually caused from over processing with color or lightener. Try sticking to products specifically made for dry hair.

5. You’re not scrubbing your scalp correctly.

Make sure you’re giving yourself a nice massage when washing your hair. A stimulating scrub helps improve blood flow & increase sebum production, which is needed to have a healthy scalp and hair.


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