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Hair How-Tos

How to Get the Best Special Occasion Style

By Melissa Wilson First, Break The Rules We have all heard the common myth that “dirty hair” styles best.  We are about to break that rule right now! In formal styling, “dirty hair” is simply hair that has some styling product in it…  it doesn’t mean second or third-day hair. To get the most out…

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How-To: Quick Styling Tip for Medium to Long Hair

By Pam B We want long, loose curls, and we want them now! #AmIRight? A styling wand is perfect to create soft, looser curls — a go-to look for medium to long hair. Section off your hair however you choose. Do section your hair! It does help. Grab a section and wrap it around the…

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Hair Style How To: Managing a Cowlick

I know… cowlicks can be a big pain.  But rest assured, there are some simple steps to managing those pesky cowlicks to give you the hair style you want! Here’s a common scenario:  You see an amazing haircut on a celebrity or in a magazine and decide it’s the one.  You bring the picture to…

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Split End Remedies

By Pam Becker Split ends are a pain. Haircuts are the only real way to get rid of existing split ends. So, how do you prevent split ends from happening in the first place? Here are some tips to help keep your hair healthy and free of split ends: Detangle: Use a wide tooth comb…

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