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Hair Health

Spring Hair, Healthy Hair

by Laura Hale SPRING! Not sure if we should say “YAY!” or “Finally!” Either works, and we’re pretty sure you probably feel the same way, too. The changing of seasons is always a good time to hit the refresh button when it comes to healthy habits. And since we are all about hair and making…

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Top 5 Ways to Make Your Color Last

By Dawn Rice The most common problem color clients face is fading. Whether it’s a natural grey coverage, toned highlights, or bright rainbow shades, every color fades to some degree between services. Here are a few ways to minimize color fading and help your color, no matter what shade you choose and stay vibrant and…

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Top Hair Products for Men

By Becca Heide Men’s hair care has become more popular this year. As a hair stylist of 7 years it amazes me how much our industry has changed in a short amount of time. Men haven’t always expected a true, well-rounded experience over their “just a trim” mind set, but in current times we truly…

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Best Shampoos

By Becca Heide As a LookAfter hair stylist, I’m able to play with tons of different hair products every day! I stress to all of my clients that the right shampoo and conditioner are the foundation of a good style. There are so many options though, it can be overwhelming. And that’s why my fellow…

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