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The LookAfter Look: Punk Rock Professional

Styled by Dawn Rice

Versatility in styling has always been a priority in women’s haircutting and these days, men want their options as well! The ability to change your style without changing your cut allows you to maintain your level of professionalism on the job and still express your wilder side on a night out. This cut achieves that by tapering close around the edges and leaving the top longer for both an all over tousled effect or a “fauxhawk”. In addition to styling options with the top, a blended “V” shaped section in the back is left longer for an optional full mohawk look while still being able to be laid flat for a more conservative appearance. With the right products (Barber’s Classic Pomade by Mitch by Paul Mitchell was used for this look) and very little time, this one cut can give you at least four distinct styles that span the full spectrum of punk rock to professional!


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