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Top Hair Products for Men

By Becca Heide

Men’s hair care has become more popular this year. As a hair stylist of 7 years it amazes me how much our industry has changed in a short amount of time. Men haven’t always expected a true, well-rounded experience over their “just a trim” mind set, but in current times we truly are trying to deliver this experience to our men clientele. Since the new focus to men’s hair care is a learning process, many men still are reverting to the old pomades and gels of the past. However, today originality is trending. There is no one haircut or hair product expected to work on every man. Today I want to share with you some of my top favorite men’s products and why they may be a better choice for your personal hair regimen.

  1. Bed Head for Men Matte Manipulator – found in a silver puck, this pliable product will be used on dry hair. It is expected to leave dry texture to volumize which can look very professional and natural without a sleeked down ‘trying too hard’ look. I recommend it for my fine haired clients who like hold and no shine.
  2. American Crew Forming Cream – also found in a puck, but brown, is also very pliable. Forming cream should be applied to towel dried or dry hair in a small amount for workable texture, medium hold, and medium shine. This product is great for clients with hair of medium to fine thickness, but works with any hair type. It is also LookAfter’s 2017 Top Seller! Most can say there are not many products comparable to this.
  3. Paul Mitchell Shaping Cream – is most described as a light workable cream with the ability to hold all day long. I like to use this product on wet hair for men with curls and seemingly unmanageable volume or frizz. I also like to use this product on dry hair for men with straighter hair who like a more natural look with built in texture.
  4. Mitch by Paul Mitchell Construction Paste – great for messy undone hairstyles that last. This product is crunch-free and I personally like to work it into towel dried hair. Though creamy in texture this product will dry with decent hold in whatever way you styled it making sure you don’t have to touch it throughout the day. Though this product is creamier, it is a good replacement for those committed hard hold gel users who are ready for something new.
  5. Catwalk Session Series Sea Salt Spray – this build-able spritz is great for the fine, straight, or flat haired men and women of the world. By using a small amount on wet hair you will get a light, dry volume that lays a good foundation for a lot of the trendy styles today. When blow dried it will maximize your volume. You also have the option to heavily spritz wet hair prior to drying to have a stronger, more aggressive voluminous look. However, when this sea salt spray is used on dry hair it can also enhance curls’ texture by adding light, dry hold for volume and the tighter, more consistent curl pattern people tend to search up and down for.

Learn more about men’s hair care and see how to get the best cut for you in 2018.

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